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Most Canadian retail investors find themselves in one of two worlds:

  • They have control of their own accounts (Do It Yourself thru discount brokers or employer plans) with limited access to professional personalized advice.


  • They have licensed advisors to help manage their investments but lose control over their account and experience higher than acceptable costs.

Retail Advisor

EWM is participating in an exciting new service offering from Tactex Asset Management to provide a solution to those retail investors, seeking to retain custody of their assets and better control their costs, yet receive quality professional investment advice. Many Fee Only Financial Planners are trying to provide complete solutions for their clients but they generally are not licensed to help you manage your investments, just your finances.

Tactex’s Advice only Service is customized advice utilizing ETF portfolios to meet YOUR needs and wants. This Advice only Service is intended to bridge the gap in accessible professional assistance and provide cost effective advice to those DIYs that value and have need for personalized investment advice.

Tactex Asset Management is a registered Portfolio Manager in the five provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and New Brunswick. Their ETF consultants have been recommending the use of ETFs, Index Funds and/or Strategic Portfolios for almost 20 years. Tactex professionals are accredited and hold designations including CPA, CA, CFA, CIM, CFP.

At EWM, we work to deliver financial planning services that are of very high value but lower than standard cost. We also seek out lower cost investment management solutions for our clients. Many of our clients are currently managed through segregated discretionary accounts utilizing ETF Strategic Portfolios with industry leading pricing. We see many more clients that have the requisite investment knowledge, that will chose to be assisted by a professional instead of being controlled by one.

Investment Advice is a regulated service. As such, the Advice only Service is available only to clients of Tactex Asset Management and is unavailable on an hourly basis.

Learn more about Tactex Asset Management’s advice only service.

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