Efficient Wealth Management is a leader in cost efficient financial planning and investment management. We have developed cost effective strategies for managing the wealth of investors, both small and large. We believe costs do matter. We think it is our professional duty not only to deliver planning services to our clients, but also to do so efficiently and to ensure maximum value is received. We believe that great advice should not be the domain of only the very rich. It should be available to all.

  • Clients with investable assets between $1 and $100,000 will find our uncompromising advice invaluable in getting off to the right start in building their financial independence.
  • Clients with investable assets between $100,000 and $300,000 will be steered towards to alternatives that their commissioned advisors are ignoring.
  • Clients with more than $300,000 will be introduced to the concept that they have outgrown mutual funds. They have more efficient alternatives.
  • Clients with more than $500,000 in assets will experience total management costs previously only available to investors with over $1 million.
  • Clients with over $1 million will especially value “client focused” as opposed to “investment focused” with integrated tax and estate planning services.

Efficient Wealth is focused on the client and their needs and not on the advisor or the investments. We are mostly alone in recognizing that the organization of the industry into mutual fund dealers, brokers, investment counsels and portfolio managers leaves investors often trapped in the wrong segment as they grow or their needs change. What mutual fund salesman wants to suggest that it’s time you left them and moved on to where your needs would be better met? How many brokers are suggesting it’s time to move to an individual counsel and gives up the revenue?

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