Unbiased financial advice for a fee

Efficient Wealth Management offers sound financial advice to help you manage your money better. Our fee-only advice is based on an hourly rate or complete plans.  The 4 usual plans include Retirement (independence) – Future Cashflows, Investment Policy and Strategies, Estate, and Tax.

Monthly ongoing management

Our annual retainer for ongoing management also includes referrals to an established network of investment professionals who charge 0.34% AUM or less, to implement our strategies.

  • Hourly
    $300 hourly
    • Advice on an hourly basis
    • First hour free
  • Cross-Border
    $1500 USD total
    • Customized tax, financial and investment planning advice for those navigating cross-border situations
  • Ongoing Management
    $100 monthly
    • Annual Retainer $300 to $350 per month
    • Includes all 4 plans as necessary

* Cross-Border plan is equivalent to $2000 CDN total.

For more information, you can reach an advisor through our contact form or by calling us at 416-410-9809

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