Unbiased financial advice for a fee

Efficient Wealth Management offers sound financial advice to help you manage your money better. Our fee-only advice is based on an hourly rate or complete plans.  The primary plan is a comprehensive look that includes Retirement (independence) – Future Cashflows, Investment Policy and Strategies, Estate, and Tax.  Advanced standalone plans in each of these 4 areas are available as the complexity warrants.

Monthly ongoing management

Our annual retainer for ongoing management also includes referral to a unique, for EWM only clients, Portfolio Manager who charges 0.31% AUM or less, to implement our strategies.

  • Hourly
    $375 hourly
    • Advice on an hourly basis
    • First hour free
  • Cross-Border
    $2100 USD total
    • Customized tax, financial and investment planning advice for those navigating cross-border situations
  • Ongoing Management
    from $90 monthly
    • Standard Annual Retainer is $350 per month - based on 4 meetings annually
    • Meeting reductions and discounts available
    • Includes all areas of planning as necessary

* Cross-Border plan is equivalent to $2700 CDN total.

For more information, you can reach an advisor through our contact form or by calling us at 416-410-9809

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