FLORIN POPCFP, CFA, Registered Portfolio Manager

    Florin Pop is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Designation. Mr. Pop believes that Financial Planning should always come before Investing. However, invariably an investment portfolio will follow this planning and true fee-only planners are unlicensed to help with individual securities. Fee Only Financial Planning is the answer for getting your advice from someone other than a product salesperson. Portfolio Managers may well be the answer for getting investment advice only from a salesperson as well.

    Traditionally, only wealthy Canadians have had access to professional individualized, customized investment management as provided by Portfolio Managers. Florin believes that ALL Canadians, of any level of wealth, should have similar access. Working with Efficient Wealth Management, he established asset management systems to support the requirements of Fee-Only Financial Planners, who are concerned about maintaining independence, objectivity and lack of bias in all they do. Fee structures were designed that are unlike the traditional referral fees that bring a bias. Florin provides this support as a registered portfolio manager at Tactex Asset Management. Mr. Pop manages the ETF Model Strategy and the Advice Only Service at Tactex Asset Management.

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